ApplePie Capital

ApplePie Capital provides financial solutions to franchise brands across the U.S. The organization connects qualified borrows and proven brands with a network of capital providers. ApplePie’s Franchise Forum is an online resource center for owners and brand marketers to learn about basic and advanced investment topics.

[Brand alignment campaign] Blog Articles and Case Study

Role: Writer


  • Aligned messaging between blog and sales team.

  • Raised number of site sessions by 59% over four months.

  • Generated inbound leads.

  • Established thought leadership.


Skills Demonstrated

  • Copywriting

  • Interviewing

  • Collaboration across multiple teams

  • SEO


ApplePie Capital wanted several layers of content to show prospective clients. Each piece needed to match ApplePie’s established brand voice. My team was challenged with identifying and codifying personas along the buyer journey.


Before producing content, my team developed three distinct buyer personas. I then conducted a series of ten interviews with ApplePie stakeholders to identify potential topics, learn more about their business and collect quotes for future content. With this information, I wrote a series of beginner- and advanced-level guides, optimizing each for organic search.

To cap off the project, I sat down with one of ApplePie’s clients to better understand their processes from another point of view. Working with a graphic designer, I turned the conversation into a downloadable case study.


The ApplePie Capital Franchise Forum is a leading source of information on starting and growing a franchise business. It establishes ApplePie as a thought leader and innovator. Over four months, my content contributed to a 59 percent increase in site visits with an average session duration of four minutes

During the sales process, ApplePie associates leverage this content to provide value to potential borrowers.

As a piece of gated content, the case study generates dozens of inbound leads each month.