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[Web content refresh] Search Engine optimized glossary pages

Role: Writer


  • Improved site authority.
  • Optimized pages for organic traffic.
  • Developed a valuable resource for Citrix customers.

Skills demonstrated

  • SEO
  • Copywriting
  • Simplifying technical jargon
  • Industry research


The client came to our team with a number of legacy landing pages that were in dire need of updating. Our goal was to improve the quality and quantity of the information on each page and optimize it for search visibility.


Our team used site analytics and competitor reports to determine a target list of keywords. I conducted research on each competitor, noting important topics. I then dug into technical research to ensure our content could provide more value to curious readers. Our strategy was to be able to answer more complex answers than competing pages.


The pages I wrote provide more detailed information than the other pages competing for similar keywords. I structured each page to be understood easily, and used concise language to simplify complex technical topics.

The client was very impressed with my writing, as well as our team’s ability to complete the project on a tight deadline. They immediately signed another scope of work to create additional glossary pages.