Elsevier Inc. 

Established in 1880, Elsevier is world-leader in publishing reviewed, validated scientific research. Each year, Elsevier publishes 400,000 peer-reviewed manuscripts in 2,500 journals.

In 2016, Elsevier launched to provide a personalized health care job search solution.

[Site launch] Blog Articles, Infographics and Case Studies

Role: Writer


    • Created a new brand voice.
    • Successfully launched a new site.
    • Generated inbound leads.

    Skills Demonstrated

    • Copywriting
    • Campaign ideation
    • Interviewing
    • Collaboration with client


    I had been working with Elsevier’s Clinical Key brand for a year when the client approached my team with a new project: the launch of a new brand and website. Elsevier wanted to become a  competitive force in the medical recruiting industry.


    My team held several meetings with myHealthTalent stakeholders in the months leading up to the website launch. As the client came to us with a visual style but no established brand voice, I developed the tone of the new website.

    My team analyzes competing brands and determined which topics would be most likely to draw organic traffic. I wrote a series of six articles to launch with the site. Later, I interviewed one of Elsevier’s clients to gain a better understanding of the business.

    To promote the new site on social media, I worked with a graphic designer to create several infographics.


    The website launched successfully in 2016 and continues to grow as a trusted source of medical job opportunities.

    Elsevier immediately saw the value of my articles and published them as features in a series of printed career guides.

    The Elsevier sales team uses my case study to illustrate the value of their services to prospective clients. The content also lives on the myHealthTalent site, where it generates inbound leads.