ApplePie Capital - Whitepapers

ApplePie Capital is a marketplace lender that enables entrepreneurs to obtain financing to start or expand their franchise business.

The client wanted some mid-funnel content that could help its customers in the decision-making process. The sales team gave me the contact information of one of their most successful clients who was willing to talk about their experiences working with ApplePie Capital.

Powerful mid-funnel content

To fully understand the impact ApplePie Capital had on its client's business model, I interviewed the owner of Camp Bow Wow. I learned about their challenges and how ApplePie helped the company grow to be the successful franchise business it is today. In collaboration with a graphic designer, I produced a white paper / case study hybrid that fully captures the experience of working within a lending marketplace.

The content I produced serves as a piece of mid-funnel collateral that engages prospects who are getting closer to contacting the ApplePie Capital sales team. As part of the company's lead nurturing campaign, my writing establishes brand authority and makes sales engagements more valuable.