JazzHR - Case Studies

JazzHR develops user-friendly applicant tracking systems for small businesses. The company's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions empower HR teams to make better hiring decisions, automate tasks and implement continous quality improvement strategies.

The JazzHR marketing team wanted to leverage its long list of satisfied clients. To appeal to new prospects, the team needed a way to quickly show how their company has helped businesses reduce hiring costs and improve quality-of-hire. Specifically, they needed mid-funnel assets to nuture leads coming from the company's blog pages.

Nurturing inbound leads

Working with the JazzHR team, I created several case studies built around interviews with satisfied clients. I synthesized the main takeaways from each interview and pulled out relevant quotes to highlight in each asset. Additionally, I researched the companies to get contextual information regarding their history and growth trajectory.

The case studies I created serve as important pieces of an SaaS email marketing strategy. As the organization generates leads through blog CTAs and demo sign-ups, qualified leads recieve tailored drip campaign content. My case studies demonstrate JazzHR's value proposition in a skimmable format for easy comprehension. They have become a staple of the company's lead nurturing initiative.