JazzHR - eBooks

JazzHR develops user-friendly applicant tracking systems for small businesses. The company's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions empower HR teams to make better hiring decisions, automate tasks and implement continous quality improvement strategies.

The JazzHR marketing team needed a way to demonstrate thought leadership in a crowded market. They wanted to show that their company has a comprehensive understanding of hiring best pratices.

Capturing inbound leads

Working with the JazzHR team, I created several case studies built around interviews with satisfied clients. I synthesized the main takeaways from each interview and pulled out relevant quotes to highlight in each asset. Additionally, I researched the companies to get contextual information regarding their history and growth trajectory.

Both eBooks were highly successful. JazzHR distributed them via email and social media campaigns. The assets helped to raise brand awareness at particularly busy times of the year. The eBooks answered questions and promoted conversations that led to demo sign-ups and ultimately new partnerships.