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Since 1972, the Mr. Coffee brand has been a household staple, offering coffee makers, espresso machines and more.

Though Mr. Coffee products have been a familiar sight on retail shelves for decades, the company's ecommerce business was still developing when I began working with the company. As Mr. Coffee's parent organization was persuing a merger with Rubbermaid (now Newell Brands), the company wanted a healthy inflow of site traffic.

Driving qualified site traffic

With another writer, I developed a full year's worth of content marketing assets. We developed SEO blogs that answered customer questions and provided key insights from subject matter experts. Our B2C content was built for three distinct buyer personas, each with unique needs and appeals.

Our blog content supported Mr. Coffee's ambitious push into the ecommerce space. We were able to steadily grow traffic to the site through organic search optimization and social media campaigns. In 2016, Mr. Coffee's parent company successfully merged with Rubbermaid.