Swift SMS Gateway - Articles

Swift SMS Gateway is a facilities-based SMS provider located in Canada. The company provides SMS gateway API plans, group texting apps and enterprise-grade support.

Swift operates in a fast-paced marketplace. Its clients have to deal with constantly shifting international regulaions, evolving customer expectations and rapid iterations of cellular technology. The marketing team needed a way to show prospective clients that it is a thought leader in this space.

Demonstrating thought leadership

Every month, I research breaking news stories and the latest trends related to SMS technology. I then match these stories with the needs of Swift's customers to develop a responsive content strategy. My articles provide key insights into trends that have a direct impact on business results. Additionally, each piece of content has a visual call to action that drives blog traffic to Swift's demo page.

My content generates fresh leads every month and helps to establish Swift as a thought leader. Additionally, my articles provide Swift with new content to post on social media sites. This strategy has led to increased customer engagement and higher conversion rates.