Swift SMS Gateway - eBooks

Swift SMS Gateway is a facilities-based SMS provider located in Canada. The company provides SMS gateway API plans, group texting apps and enterprise-grade support.

Leaders at Swift wanted a peice of gated content to support mid-funnel leads. The asset needed to provide real value, not just an overview of a trend or news story. Additionally, the asset needed to sit above the demo sign-up page to capture contact information.

Capturing qualified leads

I developed an eBook describing how concatenation works in SMS. The asset broke down the topic and made it easy for Swift's clients to understand. It also clearly tied the message to common client pain points. The eBook can be digested by executives in a few minutes so that they can get the information they need without interrupting their busy day.

The eBook was promoted on the company's social media feeds. It captured lead information and supported Swift's sales team. Readers of the eBook can have more productive conversations with sales reps because they are primed with information related to their business objectives.