Thornberry - eBooks

Thornberry LTD is the developer of award-winning NDoc software, an integrated electronic health record for hospice and home health providers.

As a family business, Thornberry wanted its content to reflect its brand values of compassion and care. Additionally, it needed assets that could succinctly describe product features and nurture new leads. The content needed to establish brand authority while remaining accessible to a wide range of potential clients.

Building audience engagement

I developed a short eBook that prospects could download after reading a blog post on the NDoc website. My content was designed for readers who were somewhat familiar with eletronic health record technology, but hadn't yet made a decision about a specific solution. My content answered questions about how to effectively implement an EHR solution at a hospice or home health organization.

My content not only generated brand awareness, but also brand authority. The eBook has served as a tool to nutrure leads that aren't yet ready to make a purchase decision. It provides an in-road for sales representatives to have more productive conversations with prospects.